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220 Patti Result Chart 2022 :- 220 Patti is a lottery game which is illegal in India but it is played legally in some states of India and that too with a lot of noise. Regarding will provide all the information 220 Patti is a very popular lottery which is played legally in many states of India and illegally in many states.

220 patti

220 Patti was started in India by Shri Ratan Khatri ji. This lottery was started in independent India. Since then, gradually the trend of this lottery is increasing. In today’s time it has become even more popular than before. 220 patti lottery is played in many ways.

In which block of our hands we will provide you all the information of 220 patti result chart 2022 220 patti result chart 2022 is updated daily if you need daily update then you are on the right page we will give you all the information of 220 patti result chart 2022 like How this lottery is played, when the result will be announced etc.

220 patti Result chart

220 patti result chart is announced daily 220 patti result chart 2022 related to all types of information like satta matka result chart, 220 patti result chart, main sridevi, kuber chart, kalyan result chart, balaji morning etc.

sattamatka result224+85+258
Main sridevi490+34+158
Balaji Day899+6
Mumbai worli Day230+5
Sabera day790+6
Morning syndicate169+67+890
MILAN NIGHT670+37+467
220patti Result chart

220 patti Chart today result

220 Patti Chart Today Result has been announced Below you have been told in brief that what are its results Results are declared daily according to the time like 1:00 am 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

220 patti 2022 :- how to play

220 Patti Result Chart is a type of lottery which was played in a different way earlier and in today’s era it is done differently. Earlier due to lack of internet facility, it was played by Matka, hence the name of this lottery is also Satta Matka Lottery. In the earlier round, players used to put the slip of their favorite number in the pot and then apply for different colors, the player whose slip remained in the pot became the winner, but in today’s era this game is also played online is applied by online players and person chooses their favorite number

Patti 220 morning chart or patti 220 Rajdhani chart

patti 220 morning chart is a part of 220 patti its also very famous in all over the countries its play all day and night and also with various name instead of patti 220.

Morning syndicate chart

Morning syndicate chart also played very well as a satta in satta market it is very popular all other region in north india. 220 Patti Result Chart 2022 is going to come very soon in front of all of you head website if you play 220 Patti game on you then keep checking this website on regular basis it is a game played in many countries, it is also played in India.

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