Tesla unveils its much-hyped robot Optimus

Tesla unveils its much-hyped robot Optimus – Tesla company owner Elon Musk has finally unveiled his much-hyped robot Optimus, this is the same imagination that some yoga owner Elon Musk had seen, it will be cheaper than a robot car that can work in factories and at homes. Will be able This is the work done by Tesla engineers in a very short time A research robot that takes many years to develop into anything meaningful has been done by engineers in a very short time. Tesla Bot a.k.a Optimus

Tesla unveils its much-hyped robot Optimus

Tesla released its humanoid robot less then $20,000

2 robots shown, the first being Bumblebee, a monolithic development model shown walking on a platform, a worker seen lifting a watering can and a moving box that would be used to lift goods in factories; the second was a robot that only stood near the mast. Was and was waving my hands It costs less than the cost of a car I can make it work It’s built for less than $20,000.

Optimus Robot Tesla Specification

The Optimus robot weighs 10 kilograms, has 28 degrees of freedom in its limbs and is powered by a 2.3 kWh battery each that Tesla claims works all day with the software it uses for navigation and controlling cars. come is made by him why & a mast has told that this board will be developed in 1 day such that hai will behave like a friend it will be able to order online

Tesla robot price

Tesla robot price is less than $20,000.

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