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220 Patti Result Chart 2022 220 Patti is a kind of betting game which is played openly from which state of India, it can be a kind of illegal, yet many people play this truth in many states and this betting is also very popular This satta was started by Shri Ratan Khatri ji in independent India, in today’s block we will provide you all types of information about 220 Patti Result Chart if you want complete information about Day by Day 220 Patti Result. You can get complete information by clicking on the page of this website

220patti result chart

220 Patti Result Chart is Announced Daily In this block of our today we will provide you all the information about Satta Matka Result Chart 220 Patti Result Chart Main Sridevi, Kuber Chart, Kalyan Result Chart, Balaji Morning, which is released daily.

sattamatka result579+14+789
Main sridevi660+23+238
Balaji Day139+38+468
Main Gujarat day699+40+145
Balaji Morning120+34+68
Mumbai worli day780+57+188
Sabera day179+71+678
Morning syndicate199+66+268
MAIN MUMBAI368+90+479
MAIN RATAN450+96+457
220patti result chart

220 patti 2022 :- how to play

220 Patti Result Chart The way of playing used to be different earlier now this game is also played online Players put money on different numbers and then applied by the players first it was played inside a pot number to pot and money was put on those numbers, people used to apply on different colors to get the slip from inside the pot, then the person whose paper was successful in the pitcher would win the lottery. Because of this game was played in pots, now this game is played in online way people apply online to play 220 patti result chart and put money on their favorite number then the person whose number draws the lottery is: person wins

Morning syndicate chart

In this article we will talk to you about Morning Syndicate Chart and also in the article it has been written below, you can also check by going there Syndicate Chart is a part of Patti 220 which is played in many states of India. It requires a lot of brain exercise to play if you also want to know the result about syndicate chart in patti220 then the result is given below which you can check the result of October month also what has been done here patti220 Syndicate Chart Result 2022 has been announced.

Patti 220 morning chart or patti 220 Rajdhani chart

We are talking about Patti 220 Morning Chart and Patti 220 Rajdhani Chart in this article and we have also displayed the result above Patti 200 220 Morning Chart and Patti 220 Rajdhani Chart you can go above and check Patti 220 Morning is a game played in the morning time which is played like satta, after playing it in the morning, the chart is released which is called Patti 220 Morning Chart in which the result is announced of Patti 220. Similarly Patti 220 Rajdhani chart is also prepared which is played on a Rajdhani level where people put money on fixed points and celebrate after winning.

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